by Vittorio Sgarbi

The art of twenty century gave us a pretty curious concept of the copy. A clear sample can be Giorgio De Chirico who at the beginning of his carreer was almost completely under the influence of Arnold Bocklin paintings.After him many other artists worked that way with amazing results. This is what happened to Ida Parigi who identifies herself in Van Gogh works giving birth not such to copies but like travelling inside them in a special journey in order to discover their misteries and answers hidden under those colours and tones from the genius of Van Gogh.



by Isabella Bietolini

Ida Parigi works are really living of Van Gogh’s life itself: a light full of colours, intense like a soul. They are something which is sparkling and which captures the observer’s attention suddently... after that, a beautiful sense of wonder. “Stolen”copies from masters of painting became more and more popular, and there are so many ways for them to be interpretated... a lot of study, patience are necessary...

However things went in a different way for Ida. She really found out inside herself a gift, the inspiration which power leads her ,making her able to use colours , shades and tones turning them in beautiful paintings living of their self srenght It has been a real match between soul and passion. She works on her paintings only when inspired…a blade of grass can take hours to be completed. A whole painting can take months of hard work. But after that, here’s the miracle. A beautifully shaped landscape or face comes out from the rich frames. The true charm of a masterpiece.